Mission Statement:

  • At NoCo Select, we strive to meet and foster the needs of every athlete. We will create a personalized plan for each athlete with goals, and a path to achieve them. We will provide constructive feedback along the way to keep track of each athlete’s progress.
  • We foster and insist upon a true team atmosphere. Games are won by teams, not individuals. In addition to individual fundamentals, we teach team concepts, which not only fosters camaraderie, but also comprehensive, effective lacrosse strategy.
  • We emphasize sportsmanship and character. As part of our curriculum, we teach our athletes how to play, win, and lose with class. These lessons are designed to transfer to all parts of an athlete’s life, from school, relationships, and future work experiences.
  • We coach with strong leadership, with an understanding of the unique needs of adolescent girls. We expect a lot from each athlete – we know they are capable of a lot. But we also are sensitive to those moments where an extra hand, pat on the back, or hug is needed.
  • Our goal is to help each athlete reach theirs. We do not expect each athlete to attend a Division I school on a scholarship, but if that is an athlete’s goal, we will help ready them for that challenge. We will also prepare your athlete for any level of college play, high school sports, and simply playing for a love of the game.

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